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  • Troll Hunters a Twist in Time

    This is a Tales of Arcadia Fan Fiction. None of the Characters are mine, the world is not mine, the general story and plot are not mine as well. I am just a huge Troll hunters’ fan and I wanted to share my ending to the amazing story. This is a non-profit, and I hope… Read More »Troll Hunters a Twist in Time

  • William

    The Crown Series William is the second main protagonist in The Crown Series. He was a squire for the kingdom of Xinda until he became an official knight. His brother Ryker works for the kingdom of Thason, the kingdom that plans to take over Xinda. William decides to pick sides with Princess Iris, and he… Read More »William

  • Iris of Xinda

Darian of Khubet

Darian is the new king of Khubet. He is the childhood Friend/crush of Iris.

First Appearance: The Crown of Peace

Last Appearance: TBA

Created By: Kelsey Brook

Occupation: King

Likes: Ruiling, spending time with Iris, being in charge

Dislikes: William, Erickson, His friends getting hurt

Allies: The kingdom of Xinda, William, Iris, Harold

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Blonde, short and elegant

Love Interest: Iris


Ryker is William’s older brother. After being assumed dead, he joined Erickson and Thason to overthrow Xinda to avenge the death of his parent’s. Things get complicated when he learns that his little brother is still alive.

First Appearnace: The Crown of eace

Last Appearance: TBA

Created By: Kelsey Brook

Occupation: Mercenary

Likes: Jetta, his brother, treausre, gold, power, being rich

Dislikes: NWeakness, being poor

Allies: Jetta and her pirates, William, Thason, Erickoson

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Black and long

Love Interest: Jetta

Erica of Thason

Erivs of Thaoson is the new queen of Thaosn. SHe took the throene ofter her father died. She si a strong gihter and a strogn leader. Dthough she seems heartless and evil, she owuld do anything to protect her kingdom and people.

First Appearance: The Crown of Revenge

Last Appearance: TBA

Created By: Kelsey Brook

Occupation: Queen of Thason

Liekes: Dresses, power, sword fighting William

Dislikes: Loosing

Allies: William, Ryker, and Jetta

Eye color: Grey

Hair: Black straight and long

Love Intrest: William