Iris of Xinda
(The Crown Series)

Iris is the main protagonist in The Crown Series. She was the princess of Xinda and now is currently the queen. She is strong and determined to fight for peace and what she believes in.

First Appearance: The Crown of Peace

Last Appearance: TBA

Created by: Kelsey Brook

Occupation: Princess (Formerly), Queen (Presently)

Likes: Reading, William, Darian, peace, dresses, family, helping others

Dislikes: War, Erickson, lying, fighting, riding horses, stables

Allies: Kingdom of Xinda, William, Dairan, Kingdom of Khubet

Enemies: Kingdom of Thason, Erickson, Ryker

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair: Dark brown with waves

Love Interest: Darian (Formerly), William (Currently)

Princess Iris

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